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Emu Heaven    Natural Health and Beauty Products produced by Try It Emu Farm Marburg

Emu oil
We believe our golden emu oil to be the best quality available.  Emu Heaven golden emu oil contains the omega 936 combination.  We have a unique rendering system to produce the best possible emu oil with great benifits, It is well known now for rubbing on for arthritic pain relief and Emu Heaven golden emu oil is a fabulous natural moisturiser and has great penetrating qualities to penetrate the layers of the skin. Our fabulous emu oil is used in our natural beauty products with great results and emu oil can be used for babies sensitive skin.

Emu oil capsules Emu Heaven golden emu oil Capsules may show to be the forgotton traditional medicine of the twenty first centuary.  Tests are done on the Omega Fatty Acids that have shown as a dietry supplement the Raw Omega Fatty Acids which provide a balanced source of fatty acids including; Linolenic acid (Omega 3), Linoleic acid (Omega 6) & Oleic acid (Omega 9) are benificial to general health and wellness. Our emu oil capsules are powerful natural medicine so we'll have you running like an emu in no time!

No Artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Always read the label if symptoms persist consult your health care worker

Heat Rub
Emu Heaven Heat Rub is a combination of oils with an emu oil base. Massaged into joints and muscles the rub may bring rapid temporary relief from muscular and arthritic pain the natural way.

Acne Be Gone
Promote healthy skin, the healing benefits of Emu Heaven golden emu oil and a drop of tee tree oil makes this a must for acne be gone.

Emu Heaven - Bugs Be Gone
Emu Heaven Bugs Be Gone is a natural insect repellent that really works.

Refreshing Hand and Body Lotion.
Emu Heaven Refreshing Hand and Body Lotion helps to moisturise and assists in repairing skin. Uniquely formulated to penetrate the skin

Moisturising Day Cream
Emu Heaven Moisturising Day Cream Has the unique penetrating, moisturising and nourishing action of our emu oil, helps to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles. Use under makeup. Non-greasy.

Nourishing Night Cream
Emu Heaven Nourishing Night Cream is formulated to hydrate the skin and "lock in" the moisture. The night cream is a nourishing, smooth mixture designed to absorb deep into the skin. Penetrates and softens the skin.

Soothing Lip Balm
Emu Heaven Soothing Lip Balm "A New and Improved Formula" the soothing lip balm combines the restorative, softening and protective qualities of our emu oil. May also be of assistance to cold sores.

Leather Dressing
Emu Heaven Leather Dressing is our emu oil combined with bees wax and a dash of lemon myrtle it is ideal for all leather goods.

Emu Heaven Shampoo with our emu oil added aids with the moisturising of the scalp and helps repair dry scalp conditions. The shampoo is available in both natural (no fragrance) and peach. Shake before use. (Especially helpful for psoriasis or dandruff on the scalp.)

Shampoo Bar
Emu Heaven Shampoo Bar is natural and contains pure goats milk and our emu oil (no nasties are added). The bar promotes soft and healthy hair. Ideal to use for a baby's hair and for babies delicate skin. Only a small amount is necessary for the hair.  Makes a great shaving soap watch your razor go the distance and the very smooth shave contains 10% emu oil. One bar does it all!

Moisturising Soap Bar
Emu Heaven Moisturising Soap Bar with 5% emu oil added is a natural soap bar in a few types, cleanses and moisturises your skin leaving it feeling soft and supple. May be used as a facial cleanser. Two types - goat's milk or Lemon Myrtle both with added Emu Heaven emu oil. Both varieties lather brilliantly and help to moisturise the skin. Also makes a great shaving soap!

Osteo Be Gone
Our world first product you should know about, click on to the link emu cartilage.

Colloidal Minerals
A natural mineral supplement with fulvic (a natural electrolyte) and humic acid natures way of chelateing minerals. 77minerals and amiino acid.

Silver Maker
Make your own silver water with your favourite water.

Sleep Balm
ZZZZ Sleep easy the natural way. Simply caress Emu Heaven Sleep Balm onto temples and forehead before sleep. Its heavenly.

Tinea Be Gone
This is an amaing mix. Witness for yourself!

Acne Be Gone Kit
Severe acne starts from within and not on the outside. We believe we have a good answer, Emu Heaven golden emu oil capsules, Acne Be Gone, Shampoo Bar, Cleanser and our feather n fin for problem skin.

Eye Rejuvenating Cream
Helps rejuvenate the delicate eye area. You will be surprised as to the improvement you will notice.

Body Toner
Loose, sagging or dimpled skin be gone! A beautiful lemongrass body toner is here to give your skin a boost!

Head Lice Be Gone
Is there someone you love itching and scratching with head lice? designed to be your knight in shinning armour, we even have school teachers loving it for their own hair. Recently at shows we have found many places plagued with headlice, our product really works and helps keep those unwanted pets away from your child by simply shampooing regulary with our head lice be gone and of course our lovely natural conditioner.

Pet Shampoo
Your pet will feel glamorous after a bath with natural Pet Shampoo. Pets receive the same benifits of the remarkable properties within our shampoo. Goodbye itching and scratching fleas.

Feathers and Fin
Give it a go you may get worse beforehand (sorry) but ride the tide to enjoy the calm water.

OCS Water Silver
Word of mouth has spread about our ocs water, our concentrated oxegnated collodial silver water is selling like hotcakes simply by word of mouth so it must be good!

OCS Water Gold
As per Silver but with GOLD added!
After taking our golden emu oil capsules for four months we request you give the phosphate a run for 50 days then repeat each 4 months, our customers are reaping the benifits of our years of experence on what our product may do for you!


New Product Listing These need to be ordered in the comment section on the ordering page at the moment until I have a chance to organise it all

Skin Repair Dressing Our old leather dressing mix was used for skin damage cracked heals cracked hands exczema etc and it actually cost us more to make than we sold it for this is because we cared about childrens skin conditions and unfortunately with rising costs we cannot carry that cost any more so we have make a new leather dressing for leather and put the old product in this new size jar of 95gm for $25 to keep this valuable item in high demand available for skin conditions.

Iron Flush Detox Machine $800 this machine is incrediable and you would be pleasantly surprised as to how you feel after soaking your feet for half and hour (especially after a foot rub with our new oil) some lucky customers got to experience it at a couple of shows we did and all agreed it was amazing.

Body & Foot Massage Oil specially designed for luxuy and wellbeing this fabulous oil is hevenly 95gm $25

Hoof Dressing for the horse or cow or mud fever etc $45 for

Fingers n toes Cuticle Rub helps with dry cracked fingers and toes $15 for 30 ml


Emu oil Australia - Try It Emu Farm Marburg, the makers of all natural Emu Heaven golden emu oil products, we have a wide range of pure emu oil products to choose from. We believe in keeping our products as natural as possible and we take pride in what we have on offer, the result speak for themselves.

Our biggest seller is Emu Heaven golden emu oil capsules 1000mg of pure golden emu oil surrounded in a soft gel. We also have a world first product pure natural Emu Cartilage Powder called Osteo Be Gone® derived from emus from Try It Emu Farm Marburg.

Simply listening to customers needs and pulling all stops to find the answer. Our quiet achiever emu oil products are natural and customers love all natural health and beauty products that are all made with our precious emu oil.

We now have a new product for horses, Hoof Dressing more info on this new product soon

Click on on links for more information about our fabulous Emu Heaven Natural Health and Beauty Products.

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