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Emu oil is a natural anti inflammatory, very penetrating and a carrier. Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil Capsules contain the omega 9,3 & 6 combination and because of these qualities it is used for many ailments with beneficial results. Arthritis relief, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, wrinkles, hair loss, skin conditions, cholesterol and many other first aide benefits and beauty treatments to name a few.  Many customers of ours using the Golden Emu Oil Capsules write letters of thanks for improvements in many areas that they have noticed.

Emu Oil from Try It Emu Farm Marburg is of very high standard and we believe to have the very best Emu Oil available in the world. Many of our customers who have changed from our brand to another quickly find themselves making statements to us that ours is really the best that's for sure. Order yours today!!

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Natural Health Products

What's Your Ailment?

Answer: Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil capsules with the omega 9,3,6,5 & 7 combination is what our customers swear by- one jar of our precious

Emu oil capsules will surpass. We have a wide range of health products for all ailments.

Check out our
product list to view how our Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil health products may benefit you.

Beauty Products

Emu Oil in Our Beauty Products

Emu oil is well renowned as a carrier and submersed into our quality beauty ingredients that will leave your skin with stunning results.

A new range of Emu Oil beauty is about to be released. Look forward to our precious Emu Oil being added to quality, organic based ingredients bursting with nutrients for you skin.

Watch this space for your Emu Oil delight or view our
product list now!!

Our Emu Oil is Taking Care of Your Pet

You pet deserves the best and Emu Heaven Golden Emu Oil is the best.

Animals suffer many ailments and our Emu Oil works well for your pet.

We have a wide range of Emu Oil products to suit your pets needs so check out our product list today....

Your pet insists!!

Animal Health Products